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O My Goodness Organic Glycolic Anti-wrinkle Scrubbing Wash by Treat

by Lazy Girl

I have never gotten the memo on body washes. I see advertisements for them all the time and I just don’t ever see the point. First of all, maybe I don’t want to smell like orange blossom or tahitian jasmine all day. I usually make my scent decision when I am fully dressed. And I kind of feel like body wash is a total waste….I have to use so much of it that I feel like half of it is going down the drain–squirt for one leg….squirt for second leg…squirt for body…oops…that squirt just fell off my hand and went down the drain.

So when the Blush Girls let me try Treat’s O My Goodness Organic Glycolic Anti-wrinkle Scrubbing Wash, I was pretty skeptical. I half heartedly agreed, thinking that I could pawn off the review on my daughter. Then, when my soap ran out, I pulled it out and started trying it.

I am pleasantly surprised! I love the product. I love the smell (minor). I love the little scrubbing dots in it to help scrub my skin (not too rough). I love the fact that it makes my skin less dry because I battle my dry skin constantly.

The package says there’s 2.5% glycolic acid mixed with organic aloe that helps exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate cell turnover, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Whatever….I love the fact that I can wash my face with the same stuff as I wash my body. For a lazy girl, that’s a real find!

Available at Blush Beauty Bar

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