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Santa Fe Taqueria – Burrito Challenge Sept.16th

We have an event tomorrow that you may want to check out….

Santa Fe Taqueria’s Burrito Challenge

We asked our fans and loyal customers to custom design a Burrito with the ingredients that we have in house. For the past 10 days customers were allowed to choose any combination of our in house ingredients and post their creation on Facebook. Check out the event here.  Now the top 5 Burritos have been chosen and here they are:
The “Que Lo Que” Burrito by Grace McKillion
The “Donnie Bonito” Burrito by Quinn Faino
The “Tibetan Fox” Burrito by Tibetan Fox
The “Chiquita Molita” Burrito by Kylie Bayer
The “La Nay Nay” Burrito by Linneas B.G

TOMORROW SEPTEMBER 16th the 5 Finalist Burritos will be tasted and judged by a panel of 5 judges. We would like to invite you to participate by being a judge and/or coming down to enjoy the event!

The Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Santa Fe and get their Burrito featured as the special at  Santa Fe Taqueria the whole month of October 2010.

Please contact for more information.


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